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Ellaiza Mae Lisondra Lara Sophomore - 14 years old - Female March 07 1997 Philippines Vain - Loves to mess around - Moody Sing - Dance - Geek - Music Lover - Easily Attracted - Easily Hurt - Melodramatic - Awkward
What else? Hmmm. Oh yeah. RANDOM BLOGGER. trololol. i love to reblog all about Chuck & Blair from Gossip Girl Also, Love-Related Posts & Cute Guys :P only once in a while. My idols are Miley Cyrus and Leighton Meester. My Celebrity crush is Ed Westwick. I think he's effin' gorgeous. HAHAHAHAH! Anyway, don't expect me to reblog scary things. i hate scary movies XD but i do love watching things like final destination although my head freakin' hurts when i do. hahaha! awkward, really. anyway, that's all xP feel free to follow and to unfollow. Opinions are very much appreciated. :) Rude or not. :-bd Ask me by clicking this.
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